Our mission is to create products that enable others to amplify life's rhythm, for themselves and for others. 

Life has a rhythm. The changing seasons, waking and sleeping, the sunrise and sunset. Before founding Flatline, we spent most of our lives just passively following the rhythm, working jobs we didn't love to meet goals that weren't true to ourselves. But each of us experienced events that almost took our chances at life away (hence our name). After that, we decided we wouldn't follow life's rhythm; we would amplify it. Amplifying life's rhythm means taking chances, seeking adventure, and pursuing your passion in the everyday. For us, amplifying our rhythm means pursuing our passion - surfing - in and out of the water. That's why we handcraft high-quality surfboards and gear that will allow you to embrace the cold and amplify your rhythm in the water and in daily life.
Amplifying life's rhythm also means living for the greater good. For us, that means helping the hurting. That's why we dedicate 10% of our profits to traumatic brain injury (TBI) research and patient outreach, so that others who are having their life rhythm tested can know someone cares. If you're reading this, you are living life's rhythm. Flatline Surf Co. was founded to help you amplify that rhythm, for yourself and for others. So, get out there, embrace the cold, and livit!